Be Smart. Be Safe.

Power your power tools right. Follow these important tips for battery safety, efficiency, and longevity.


Choose Original

Original manufacturer components share the same circuitry to best operate with matching power tools. Accept no substitute.

Choose Smart

Original manufacturer batteries contain smart technology to monitor and maintain peak battery health.

Choose Authentic

Aftermarket and counterfeit batteries may not include all the safety design features or undergo proper testing and quality controls.

Transport, Use & Storage

Protect it

Always transport your battery away from contact with metal objects or liquids, which present a safety hazard.

Store it

Always store your battery as instructed in the owner's manual and follow manufacturer guidelines for safe storage and operating temperatures.

Check it

Stop use if it begins to overheat or is damaged, dropped, or modified.


Don't trash it

If your battery is damaged, contact the manufacturer. If it has reached the end of its life:

  • Never throw it in a waste or recycling bin
  • Take it to a local recycling center
  • Always follow regulations when disposing your battery

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