CHOOSE BATTERIES FROM THE ORIGINAL POWER TOOL MANUFACTURER, engineered to work optimally with corresponding power tools.


The original manufacturer battery components that came with your power tool share the same circuitry to optimize operation. Sometimes these batteries are engineered and tested to work optimally with other tools and chargers of the same brand. In either case, users are assured that every effort has been made to make sure the battery consists of top-quality internal communication systems; safe and reliable battery cells; advanced componentry; and a rugged, heat-dissipating housing design. Accept no substitute.


Original manufacturer batteries contain smart technology to monitor battery health and help maintain a longer lasting product. These proprietary systems help ensure the tool, battery, and charger communicate properly to monitor and control critical functions, such as cell balance, energy levels, flow of energy in/out, and temperatures. Because each manufacturer utilizes their own proprietary control circuity to achieve compliance, the circuitry design is not available to aftermarket component suppliers. Only tools, batteries, and chargers from the same manufacturer are specifically designed to work together.


Aftermarket and counterfeit batteries may not include all the safety design features, or undergo the same proper testing and quality controls as authentic batteries do. This could result in fire, property damage, or personal injury. Because some aftermarket and counterfeit batteries can be difficult to visually distinguish from authentic, it is best to purchase batteries from authorized dealers and distributors. Also, if the price sounds too good to be true, it probably is.