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Penny Wise, Pound Foolish:

Why using anything other than OEM batteries is a dangerous proposition for contractors who use power tools

Power Tool Safety: Small Variables Can Cause High Risk

Power Tool Institute strongly discourages use of third-party batteries May 24, 2021—We tend to think of power tools as virtually indestructible extensions of ourselves. After all, the word power is right there in the name. While it’s true that a properly cared-for power tool should provide years of trouble-free service, the key phrase is “properly […]

Not All Lithium-Ion Batteries Are Created Equal

March 17, 2021—It’s no secret that lithium-ion batteries are great for power tools. They can be recharged hundreds of times with greater energy output compared to other rechargeables. This is, in part, how they have earned their reputation for stability and efficiency. However, not all lithium-ion batteries are the same. The Power Tool Institute (PTI) always recommends using only a lithium-ion battery made for that specific tool, by the tool’s manufacturer. There are simply too many unknowns about third-party batteries, some of which can create great danger.

Can the Choice of a Power Tool’s Battery Affect Contractor Safety?

Power Tool Institute warns of failure, fire from third-party batteries February 11, 2021—Maybe some power tool users are tired of getting the third degree about using third-party replacement batteries. But they should consider that they might be headed for third-degree burns—or worse—if they keep it up. There is simply no adequate replacement for using the […]

Power Tool Institute Warns Consumers of Risks Associated with Aftermarket, Counterfeit Lithium-Ion Battery Use

“Take Charge of Your Battery” campaign educates consumers on proper selection, transport, storage and disposal to reduce the dangers of lithium-ion battery misuse. CLEVELAND, Ohio (October 2019) – Power Tool Institute encourages consumers, contractors and educators to “take charge of their battery” and reduce potential risks associated with lithium- ion battery usage by choosing original […]