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replacement batteries as a gift

Holiday Shopping: Safe Selection of Power Tool Batteries

Keep it safe and jolly this holiday season; always buy OEM

Power tools make great gifts for the holidays and are ideal for those hard-to-shop-for DIYers in your life. They’re sure to have their eyes on something special, and this time of year is the perfect time to surprise them.

You’ll want to pick up a spare battery to go along with the gift, too, or give replacement batteries as a gift. There are a lot of choices out there when buying backup or replacement batteries – but they’re not all the same. The Power Tool Institute (PTI) urges consumers to be safe and smart, and only buy replacement batteries manufactured by the tool’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM). 

There are knock-off or counterfeit batteries out there that might seem like a comparable alternative at first glance. But look a little deeper, and you’ll see their purchase comes with a lot more than you bargained for. So, when shopping for power tool batteries this holiday season, keep a few things in mind.

Buy only batteries that are recommended by the tool manufacturer. Why? Because an OEM battery is seamlessly compatible with the power tool and charger … and has undergone rigorous testing to back it up. A knockoff or counterfeit battery can exhibit poor performance and shorten tool life. It might overheat or fail completely. Even worse, the battery might burst, causing a fire or explosion that results in personal injury and/or property damage.

Pay close attention to the packaging. Makers of these knockoffs sometimes use colors and typefaces similar to those of the recognized brands specifically to confuse buyers. Purchase batteries only from authorized dealers.

It’s what’s inside the battery that’s important. While the exterior appearance of a counterfeit or knockoff may seem well-made, don’t be falsely reassured. What really matters is its internal circuitry and quality. Each OEM has its own proprietary control circuitry that is not available to third-party component suppliers. It is virtually impossible for any knock-off battery to match the OEM battery in performance and safety. While some knock-offs may seem to work adequately at first, they lack the long-term reliability and safety features of OEM batteries.

Be cautious when purchasing a battery online, even from reputed platforms. This can leave you with an unsatisfying – and potentially dangerous – experience. Even if it seems to work well out of the box, there is the likelihood of problems down the line. Be suspicious of any perceived value that seems too good to be true. It probably is.

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