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Power Tool Institute supports education on the dangers of counterfeit batteries

November 8, 2022—For years, one of the missions of the Power Tool Institute (PTI) has been to warn tool owners and users about the dangers posed by counterfeit batteries. Now, no less an authority than the FBI is echoing that message. The FBI, in partnership with the Intellectual Property Rights Center, has issued an alert about counterfeit battery scams.

The alert advises that scammers are leveraging vulnerabilities in the global supply chain, as well as the public’s continuing need for new batteries, to sell a wide variety of counterfeits or unauthorized replicas online, and urges tool users not to fall victim to online fraudsters or unauthorized dealers or manufacturers. 

The warning delivered in the alert uses language similar to what PTI has used in its own educational outreach on the subject for years. Namely, that counterfeit batteries do not go through the same standardized testing as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) batteries and can adversely impact the safety of the consumer. These counterfeit and knock-off batteries may overheat and cause fires or explosions, which can result in personal injury or property damage, not to mention poor battery performance, device damage or complete product failure.

While it’s unfortunate that battery counterfeiting has reached a level where the FBI has to intervene, PTI applauds the agency for doing so. More voices amplifying the message will promote proper battery selection and usage among a wider audience of power tool users.

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